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Unclaimed NYSTRS Retiriment funds

NYSTRS recently sent out their newsletter and in it they indicated that up to 10,000 people have paid into the retirement system then left before collecting. 

These people are identified on the website as having worked for SWBOCES and having money in the unclaimed funds account of NYSTRS.

Russell Norman

Joe Perrotta

Kevin Allen

Jenny Antelo

Margery Arsham

Johnathan Berry

Tania Clarke

Nancy  Cohen

Jeannette Cruz

David Deyoe

Maria Gill

Charlene Guzzo

Joseph Haastrup

Maria Jones Mulligan

Arthur Lewis

Patti Marino

Michael Melvin

Joseph Pacchiana

Melissa Parliefsky

If you know how to contact any of these people, check out the article below to assist them or their heirs in obtaining these funds.

Here is the article from the Newsletter.

Help Us Find Owners of Unclaimed Funds

It’s a great feeling to reach into the pocket of a jacket you haven’t worn in a while and find a five- or 10-dollar bill you’d forgotten about. Now imagine how it would feel to pull out $1,600!

That’s the average amount of money left in the more than 10,000 abandoned retirement accounts held by NYSTRS. About half of the abandoned accounts contain less than $500, but there are currently 87 accounts with more than $10,000 in them.

We want to get those funds into the hands of their rightful owners and you can help. We’ve used every known avenue to locate these former members, their beneficiaries or their estates and we’ve come up empty. But they are your former co-workers and friends, so you may know where they are.

Go to NYSTRS.org and click the Unclaimed Funds link on the bottom of any page. Then you can search two separate lists – Abandoned Accounts and Unclaimed Accounts. You can search for a particular person by last name or you can search by last known teaching location and see if you spot anyone you know from your own school district.

If you find people you know, please contact them or their families and encourage them to call us at (800) 348-7298, Ext. 6090. There is no time limit for claiming an abandoned or unclaimed account.

An Unclaimed Account contains funds from teachers who contribute to the system but leave public sector work before they are vested in the Retirement System – at five years of service for Tiers 1-4 or 10 years for Tiers 5-6. If the accounts are not withdrawn within a certain time period, they are added to the Abandoned Accounts list and held until the former member or his or her beneficiary or estate claims them.